Fashion Management (3 Years) [BSc]

Global fashion embraces some of the world's largest and most competitive industries to creatively meet the needs of markets from luxury to value end. Success in this complex, fast-paced environment demands innovative responses to an ever-changing stream of challenges and opportunities. Effective management is the key: it is lifeblood of every successful organisation; it informs every aspect of daily business: from customer engagement to supply chain management; from retail theatre to ethical sourcing.

While there is no such thing as "typical" in Fashion Management, it is about the efficient and effective use of resources to attain organisational goals in a timely and socially responsible manner. Contemporary Fashion Management must successfully address a number of critical issues involved in both managing and being managed in the context of the global fashion industry, including new technology, complex environmental conditions, sustainability, social responsibility, cultural differences, changing organisational structures, and increasingly diverse working practices.

The Fashion Management course develops business acumen and commercial insight combined with an awareness of fashion and underpinned by a foundation of product knowledge and technical skills. Fashion Management is explored in all aspects of contemporary business life including design, branding, production, sourcing, technology, and the supply chain.

Completing a degree in fashion management provides the knowledge and skills for a career in this diverse industry including human resources, merchandising, logistics management, operations management, garment technology, quality control and many more. The course also produces graduates with the right skills and knowledge for large graduate scheme opportunities with employers such as Unilever and Marks and Spencer, as well as non-sector specific careers in areas such as finance, accountancy, law, and leisure management.

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Teaching and learning

If you choose to study textiles at Manchester you will enjoy great facilities. Our laboratories include textile chemistry, materials testing, manufacturing technology, information technology and computer aided design. We also have dedicated creative design studios and state-of-the-art multimedia learning packages.

Coursework and assessment

Assessment is normally by a mixture of traditional written examination and course work which includes laboratory reports and practical projects. You have the chance to simulate real-life experiences and your final year project gives you an opportunity to do genuine and original scientific research leading to a written dissertation.

If you choose to take the four-year pathway with industrial experience, your year in industry is assessed through a written report, appraisal by the host organisation and an oral presentation contributing 10% towards your final mark.

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