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  • The School of Materials is a strong multidisciplinary community where we work together to carry out world class research and deliver excellence in education.

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  • #MondayMaterials Episode 27 – Xiangran Wu

    Monday, December 19, 2016

    Hello all, and thanks for joining us for Episode 27 of #MondayMaterials. Today, I return to a place that has already provided us with some of the very best blog interviews of the entire series. Dr Delia Vazquez. one of our very early interviewees, has introduced me to another of...

  • Manchester Metallurgical Society presents Materials Challenges of a nuclear fusion

    Tuesday, February 07, 2017

    The Manchester Metallurgical Society presents Materials Challenges of a nuclear fusion Abstract: Fusion was first theorised in 1920 by Arthur Eddington as the power source of our sun and all the stars of the universe; since this date fusion research has focused on harnessing this power. In the modern world the magnetic confinement reactors we have developed have enabled us to control fusion on earth. Presently, with the on going construction of ITER and a host of design for DEMO fusion reactors, mankind is readily progressing towards commercially viable fusion power systems. Any DEMO fusion reactor will operate under unprecedented environmental conditions and will required complex components, providing key differences between fission and fusion systems. Thus one of the critical steps required to efficiently harness fusion power is the development of new reactor materials and designs that meets the needs of a commercial fusion reactor. This talk will review magnetic confinement reactors as a system for generating electricity, overview specific materials challenges in fusion reactors.

    The 2nd Composites@Manchester Research Workshop

    Monday, April 03, 2017

    This annual workshop aims to bring together early career researchers in the field of composites to share their work, as par of a composites community. The event is aimed primarily at PhD and MSc level Researchers. Session Themes • 3D structural composites • Structural bonding and repair • Non-destructive testing and structural health monitoring • Modellling and simulation • Nano-materials • Bio-inspired composites Conference highlights • Welcome from our Dean of Faculty, Professor Martin Shröder • Keynotes from Professor Philip Withers and Dr Zahra Sharif Khodaei • Technical talk from Dr Stephen Edmondson • Research and poster presentations Please register for this free event via Eventbrite link

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