Public debate: ‘Fashion is a Force for Good’

A public debate took place in the Great Hall in the Sackville Street building last month, to consider the topic that "Fashion is a Force for Good."

Dr Patsy Perry, Lecturer in Fashion Business in the School of Materials, was invited to participate in the discussion panel.

The textiles industry is the second most polluting industry in the world, after oil, and the fashion industry has experienced much negative press with regard to worker exploitation in garment manufacturing. This was an opportunity to reflect on the positive developments taking place in the fashion & textiles sector, hearing from industry experts as well as those undertaking research on human rights, ethical and sustainable supply chains or helping to foster and develop skills within the industry.

The event brought together sector stakeholders within academia and the fashion & textiles industry to answer questions from the audience on the developments, challenges and opportunities for fashion to be a force for good.

The event was well attended by academics, students, industry practitioners and members of the public.

Highlights of the event can be seen below 

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