National Graphene Institute

Graphene nanofabric
Graphene nanofabric. SEM micrograph of a strongly crumpled graphene sheet on a Si wafer.

Members of the School have been intimately involved in graphene since its inception in 2004 and are founder members of the National Graphene Institute (NGI). Drs Haigh and Vijayaraghavan were appointed through the 2009 £5.3M EPSRC Science and Innovation Award entitled "Maximising the Impact of Graphene Research on Innovation through Materials Science, Chemistry and Engineering".

Although the NGI building is not due for completion until 2015, strong interdisciplinary collaboration has already taken place.

The new facility

Artist’s impression of the NGI

World-leading research into graphene will take place in the new £61 million National Graphene Institute. The new facility will be designed with the goal to be the world-leading research and incubator center dedicated to the development of graphene, helping the UK to remain at the forefront of the commercialisation of this revolutionary material.

The 7,600 square metre building will house state-of-the-art facilities, including two 'cleanrooms' where scientists can carry out experiments and research without contamination.


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