Body scanning

Dr Simeon Gill operating the Body Scanning Machine

Body scanning technology uses image capture devices to develop a point cloud representation of physical object and render it within an electronic environment. This technology is optimised for capturing the human body with a capture volume of 1m x 1m x 2m and creates a raw point cloud and a rendered watertight .obj file.

We currently operate two body scanners a Size Stream device and a Tc2 NX16, both capture the 3D body and enable the development of files that can be analysed within the accompanying software or within other software. Both scanners provide customisable printed lists of measurement and can create 3D files as .obj, .xyz and .vrml.

Body scanning can be used as a means to analyse the 3D body, its posture, proportions, and dimensions for product development or for the creation of information to guide and drive product development. This is currently one of the most effective tools for taking the human body into electronic environments.

To have your scan captured using our body scanner please book through the following link: OPEN SCAN SESSIONS.

Equipment booking

To book the body scanner please contact Dr Simeon Gill

Apparel Design Engineering

Apparel Design Engineering is a collaboration of researchers with extensive experience of applying body scanning technology in the process of human measurement for product development. Based in The University of Manchester School of Materials we use scanning technology provided by Size Stream to capture the human body and welcome anyone who wishes to engage with this technology.

Further details can be requested by emailing

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