Stress and Damage Characterisation (X-ray and Raman)

Stress and Damage

Our facilities enable the investigation and prediction of the mechanical behaviour of materials and engineering components, and the development of residual stresses and damage within these components.

As a group, we work closely together on a variety of projects, many funded by industrial partners, using a broad range of experimental techniques in the characterisation of stress, damage and mechanical performance of materials. Though much of our work is carried out in the Manchester Materials Science Centre, we make frequent use of resources provided by industrial partners and other academic institutions. Through these links with industry and academia and our work with actual engineering components and materials, we are able to provide a high quality standard of research which is of great benefit to the 'real world'.

The stress and damage characterisation group is formed from scientists and engineers with complementary areas of expertise ranging from materials scientists to electronic engineers and 3D visualisation experts. This leads to a large amount of variety and experience within our group although members regularly work on joint projects.

Materials Testing and Analysis

The Materials Testing and Analysis Unit consists of a dedicated team of Project Officers, acting as a quick response unit able to undertake projects at short notice.


Much of the work done by the Stress and Damage Characterisation Group is industrially driven, often trying to find solutions to commercial problems. Thus, we work closely with many industrial partners who either contribute financially or with materials and facilities. The members of the SDC group gratefully acknowledge the support of the following companies and institutions:

Accentus, Airbus, Bae Systems, British Energy, Tata Steel Europe Ltd, DTI, Electroimpact, EPSRC, ESRF, ILL, NPL, Qinetiq, Rolls-Royce, The Royal Society, AMEC, TWI

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