Weaving and braiding facilities

Weaving and braiding facilities
The School is leading in the 3D weaving of carbon fibre for composite applications. Aerospace, automotive and marine industries are all increasingly drawing on the expertise in textile technology.

The comprehensive Weaving Facilities provide flexibility in manufacturing 3D Woven structures, as well as fashion fabrics. Students use the latest CAD systems for developing traditional and 3D structures and can convert their ideas into reality.

Weaving has 17 commercial looms and associated preparation equipment, allowing students and researchers to become world class innovators. Through understanding the craft of fabric manufacture graduates can fully exploit their creative and commercial skills. The use of hand weaving and knitting machines allows design students to explore the structural possibilities.

In developing design and fashion students at Manchester we explore the interface of design and fashion with technology ensuring students can progress and access the latest commercial systems with confidence.

The weaving facilities are complemented by the manufacturing capability of braiding systems. In addition to developing novel design concepts, braiding also is finding more and more applications in high performance technical textiles, such as marine ropes, artificial ligaments and composites. Weaving and braiding has been generously supported by the Weavers Company.

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Please contact: Dr Prasad Potluri

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