X-ray Imaging Facility

X-Ray Imaging Facility

The University of Manchester has embarked upon a bold investment aimed at creating the most comprehensive and capable 3D X-ray imaging capability anywhere in the world. This is founded around two major pillars.

  • MXIF at Henry Moseley (laboratory based)
  • MXIF at Diamond (synchrotron based)

Together these represent an investment of over £11M and activity encompassing over 15 academics and over 100 users. It provides a window into structures as large as 1 m down to 10 s of microns resolution, all the way down to the highest resolution (50 nm) machines in the UK. Further, our 3D imaging techniques can resolve processes occurring over timescales from years to under a second, making the imaging 4D. With this infrastructure we are opening up a whole range of academic and industrial problems to 3D and 4D imaging.

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