Aerospace Research Institute

The mission of our Institute is to gain full benefit from the University’s diverse research capability and to become internationally recognised as a centre of excellence in aerospace research and innovation.  The Institute will nurture a broad-based research portfolio and at the same time seek to establish a number of major research initiatives that will add value to the existing research base in the University.

In doing so it will play a major role in sustaining "a level of focussed aerospace applied research and demonstration sufficient to maintain and enhance the UK's position in the global aerospace market" in response to the national requirement outlined in the Aerospace Innovation and Growth Team Report.

Our Institute has a vast portfolio of knowledge and research capabilities. It is because of this the Institute already has major collaborations with the industry and universities across the UK. If you are interested in what our research could do for you or you are interested in collaborating with the Institute, see our collaboration pages for more information.


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