Our group covers the development of new materials from their chemical synthesis to their medical use.

In this exciting activity we use biological concepts to design artificial constructs and orient the behaviour of cells. For example, we 

  • study the self-assembly of peptides and colloids,
  • develop polymers and nanomaterials responsive to biological stimuli,
  • use enzymes as biosensors,
  • create nano-carriers to release drugs where and when they are needed,
  • invent new processing and prototyping techniques for soft and hard materials,
  • model the dynamics and the mechanics of tissues and implants,
  • recreate specific 3D biological environments, e.g. bone/cartilage interface or 'stem cell niche',
  • work on new regenerative or reparative therapies for soft and hard tissues.

Why don't you come and join us?



Our group is located in three different sites and boast excellent facilities for synthesis, characterisation, processing and cell biology.



The Biomaterials Group has strong ties with industry, having ongoing collaboration with Smith & Nephew, Johnson & Johnson, and Versamatrix A/S (Denmark).

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