The Biomaterials Group at the School of Materials is developing advanced biomaterials for a variety of applications including regenerative medicine, acellular approaches, biosensors and anti-viral technology. Our particular strengths include stimulatory and degradable systems based on natural and synthetic polymers, magnesium alloys, bioactive glasses and sol-gel inorganic-organic hybrids, nanocomposites and hydrogels. We specialise in additive manufacturing/3D (bio)printing, nanofibre electrospinning and solution blow spinning, self-assembling peptide hydrogels, 3D cell culture biomimetic platforms, stem cell engineering and bioreactor design.

Characterisation techniques include advanced 3D dynamic, high resolution (<50 nm) and soft-tissue imaging coupled with physical, chemical and biological analysis.

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Making a difference

Research within our group is making a significant societal impact, as demonstrated by the case studies below

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