Ceramics and Inorganics

The Ceramics and Inorganics group is concerned with the processing, characterisation and applications of structural and functional ceramic materials, both in 'bulk' form and as thin/thick film coatings.

Structural ceramics, such as alumina and zirconia, are used in engineering applications due to a combination of high strength, chemical/thermal resistance, and extreme hardness. In contrast, functional ceramics exhibit unique electrical, magnetic and optical properties, which lead to applications in a diverse range of electronic components e.g. filters in mobile telecommunications, exhaust gas sensors, pyroelectric thermal imaging cameras.


The Ceramics and Glass Group has strong ties with industry, having ongoing collaboration with Rolls-Royce, ALSTOM Power, British Nuclear Fuel Ltd, Sulzer-Metco, Ceram Research, Filtronic Comtek, Teer Coatings, Mel Chemicals. Xaar printing Technology, Pilkington, BAE Systems. Support is also provided by EPSRC, ONR, AWE (Aldermaston), European Commission, EPSRC (KNOO), British Energy, NDA.

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