Textile Technology

Textiles are not just used for clothing but are regarded as platforms for innovation.

The research activities within Textiles draw on the inherent flexibility and versatility of fibres and use their chemical and physical structures to produce novel fibre-based products used in medical textiles, sportswear, air and liquid filtration, geotextiles, personal-protection clothing, and construction and packaging materials.

High Performance Technical Textiles

Through an integrated approach within Textiles and Paper, research expertise has been established over a broad technological base allowing multi-disciplinary problems to be solved. High Performance Technical Textiles offer huge manufacturing and commercial possibilities, but to fully harness that potential requires equipment infrastructure and critical scientific mass. In Manchester that depth and breadth is present, allowing both focused research, and vital collaborations in important sectors such as aerospace composites where 3D textile structures are critical to lowering weight, maintaining strength and improving efficiency and economy. 

Coupled to the fibre and fabric mechanical properties and innovation are the development of chemical processing and additives to enhance the material's performance and deliver novel effects.

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textile technology

Research themes

The research activities are industry-driven and organised into two overlapping themes:


Modern facilities

An important partnership in novel chemical processing is the Lenzing supported Christian Doppler Laboratory which is primarily focused on the development of the sustainable cellulosic materials sector.

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