Schools and colleges

The School of Materials is committed to active and frequent participation in outreach and public engagement activities. We engage schools and colleges by offering practical help for teaching GCSE and A-level materials content where possible. We have a series of exciting practical experiments that support teaching of materials and can be delivered by us either on or off-site.

For more information about the resources we offer, to learn about what we could do for you, or to discuss ideas for future events contact us on email.

Members of the School of Materials are also available to deliver public lectures on topics such as materials for nuclear energy, 'smart' textiles, nanotechnology, polymers and composites, graphene, scaffolds for tissue engineering, and metals. For more information about public engagement activities related to materials science and engineering, please contact Dr Ed Pickering. For more information about public engagement related to textiles, design, fashion and business, please contact Dr Lisa Taylor.

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