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From the car you drive to the bridge you cross, the clothes you wear to the medicines you may take, materials shape our world.

If you want to know what makes some materials strong, others supple, and how they can be manipulated and designed to have special, smart – and sellable - properties, then a degree from the School of Materials could be for you.

Our undergraduate degrees range from materials science and engineering to tissue engineering, from textiles and paper production to fashion marketing and management.

Whichever course you choose, you will be part of Europe’s largest centre for research and teaching in materials science and textiles. Our courses are inspired by our internationally recognised research, which ranks Number 1 for research power in the UK.

Your studies will be supported through lectures, workshops, practicals, projects, and more informal tutorials. Our courses provide opportunities for you to spend a year working in industry or study abroad.

You will be part of a large, influential institution, benefiting from all the resources and facilities we have at our disposal and able to enjoy student life in this vibrant, cosmopolitan city.

Read our Materials Science brochure and Fashion business brochure to learn more about our courses.

2018 Undergraduate brochures
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Materials Science and Engineering

Materials Science and Engineering combines an understanding of the fundamental behaviour of materials from jet engines to nano-robots, from artificial tendons to bullet-proof vests and from the materials of today to those
for future applications, such as graphene.

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Materials Science and Engineering courses

Materials Science and Engineering [BSc] | Materials Science and Engineering [MEng] | Materials Science and Engineering with Biomaterials [MEng] | Materials Science and Engineering with Polymers [MEng] | Materials Science and Engineering with Metallurgy[MEng] | Materials Science and Engineering with Corrosion [MEng] | Materials Science and Engineering with Textile Technology [MEng]

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Textiles and Fashion Business

As fashion and textiles play an increasingly important part in the lifestyle of consumers worldwide, so the demand for professionals with awareness of design, technology and fashion, as well as the necessary management and marketing skills, is growing. Our Fashion Business courses provide the ideal launch-pad for a successful career in the fast-paced, multi-million pound global fashion industry.

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Textiles and Fashion Business courses

 Fashion Management [BSc] | Fashion Marketing [BSc] | Fashion Buying and Merchandising [BSc]

Foundation studies

Would you like to study engineering here but don't have the right entry qualifications? Why not consider a Foundation Year course?

The Integrated Foundation Year is 'year zero' of a four or five year course leading to a degree from one of the schools of science or engineering at the University of Manchester.

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