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The textiles and fashion industry is a dynamic, global and competitive industry sector comprising many different activities, all requiring specialist skills. Fabrics and garments have to be designed, developed then produced for different levels of the marketplace, such as the luxury, performance, fast fashion and value sectors. Textile design, manufacturing and testing is a complex science; demand for increasingly functional, comfortable, and affordable fabrics is driving innovation in textile technologies and production. Product developers and design managers have crucial roles in turning textiles into profitable fashion collections. Buyers and merchandisers must provide the marketplace with the right designs at the right time, price and location (online or offline). Marketers must understand consumer behaviour in depth to effectively promote fashion brands and products to the target consumer using a variety of marketing and communication channels. Awareness of the technical, commercial, marketing and fashion aspects of the industry is essential for success in today’s global and multichannel retail environment. 

As fashion plays an increasingly important part in the lifestyle of consumers worldwide, there is a growing demand for professionals within global retailing organisations who can combine an awareness of design, technology and fashion with the necessary marketing and management skills. The textiles and fashion business sector is a dynamic industry with growing employment opportunities for graduates.

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Why should I choose to study at Manchester?

We have an excellent international reputation for research and teaching in textiles and fashion business. Our close links with industry and the interdisciplinary strength of our degree courses mean that we have a superb track record in terms of graduate recruitment. We continually strive to maintain and improve our research and teaching quality by combining modern facilities and equipment with a welcoming and professional approach to student learning.

The Fashion Management course will provide you with an understanding of management skills in a global business context. We combine pure and applied management subjects with production-related technology to provide an ideal foundation for the supply chain, retail or marketing manager.

The Fashion Marketing course will enable you to understand established and emerging markets, luxury and value concepts, production and consumption, consumers and retailers, products and pricing, as well as the development and promotion of fashion products.

The Fashion Buying and Merchandising course will provide you with the ability to identify seasonal trends, interpret consumer demands and respond to technological developments in textiles, as well as an understanding of range development, production and delivery, to ensure fashion ranges are produced on time, at the right quality, on budget and available in the right store location.

Graduates from our textiles and fashion business courses go into a wide range of industry roles as marketers, trend forecasters, buyers and merchandisers, to name a few. The BSc nature of the programme enables students to understand the science and technology behind the fabrics and garments they work with, ensuring that they can create, manage and market commercially viable knitted, woven and printed fabrics and garments worldwide.

All our courses are accredited by the Textile Institute, with an ATI (Associateship of the Textile Institute) awarded when you are 25 and have completed two years in industry.

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