Fashion Marketing (3 Years) [BSc]

Fashion Marketing is concerned with bringing the world's latest fashion trends to the customer through physical stores and multi-media channels in both domestic and global contexts. Fashion marketing is unique due to the emphasis on the interface between design, creativity, and the commercial imperative. This programme of study provides an understanding of both critical and strategic decisions necessary to compete effectively within the global fashion industry and develops an insight into established and emerging markets, luxury and value concepts, production and consumption, consumers and retailers, products and pricing, as well as promotion and the development of fashion products.

The Fashion Marketing course has been designed to provide an understanding of satisfying customer needs by studying theories such as segmentation, targeting and positioning, and the psychology behind why consumers buy. There is a strong focus on how technology has revolutionised the fashion world and how marketing as a function operates interactively in a competitive and dynamic environment.

Fashion marketing also provides a critical insight into fashion brand promotion, which examines different communication strategies used to promote the brand, including visual merchandising, celebrity endorsements, and digital application campaigns. A unique feature of fashion marketing at The University of Manchester is the opportunity to study multimedia Computer Aided Design in the context of brand concept, communication, and application. Fashion product is also a key part of the subject, as well as other elements of the marketing mix, including pricing and distribution.

Completing a degree in fashion marketing provides the knowledge and skills for a career in this diverse industry including fashion PR, brand management, fashion media, fashion product development, garment technology, visual merchandising, and many more. The course also produces graduates with the right skills and knowledge for large graduate scheme opportunities with employers such as Unilever and Marks and Spencer. 

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Teaching and learning

If you choose to study textiles at Manchester you will enjoy great facilities. Our laboratories include textile chemistry, materials testing, manufacturing technology, information technology and computer aided design. We also have dedicated creative design studios and state-of-the-art multimedia learning packages.

Coursework and assessment

Assessment is normally by a mixture of traditional written examination and course work which includes laboratory reports and practical projects. You have the chance to simulate real-life experiences and your final year project gives you an opportunity to do genuine and original scientific research leading to a written dissertation.

If you choose to take the four-year pathway with industrial experience, your year in industry is assessed through a written report, appraisal by the host organisation and an oral presentation contributing 10% towards your final mark.

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