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Department of Materials

Female student in a lab coat in discussion with others

Industrial experience

Several of our courses include the option to work in industry during your degree, allowing you to increase your potential of gaining a well-paid graduate position and a higher degree classification.

Industrial experience opens up a number of benefits for you. Employers prefer potential employees who have experienced the discipline of the workplace as it provides evidence of an ability to work in a high-pressure commercial environment.

Working in industry will help you to understand what you can and want to do, and many students have described taking an industrial experience option as a life-changing experience.

Explore how you can spend time in industry below.

Fashion business and technology

We offer you the opportunity to spend a year in industry as part of your degree. Successful completion will result in you exiting with a named 'with Industrial Experience' degree.

Materials science and engineering

During the first semester on the final year of the MEng degree, you're required to complete a project. You'll have the option to complete this either in the University or in a company.